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Cosy Nights In With Gin #LittleLoves

After spending Christmas at home with my family, I moved back to my little flat in Sheffield this week, which felt strange and a little bit lonely at first. I handed in my finished essay, started to work on the next one and spent a few nights catching up with Tanya. I love spending the evening sat on the sofa, drinking gin and talking about everything with her. When I went round to her flat, she asked me what gin I liked and - not being fussy when it comes to gin - I said any was fine. So she went to the shop and bought the fanciest bottle they had and we spent the night cosied up, sipping Opihr and putting the world to rights. 

Here are the other little things I loved this week...

Style Inspiration: Charlotte Charles

Yellow dress: Joanie
Pink cardigan: Tiger Milly, Pink top: Collectif, Cherry print skirt: Tiger Milly
Daisy earrings: Amazon, Cherry pie earrings: Amazon, Bee brooch: Amazon
Green dress: Lindy Bop

When Pushing Daisies first aired on ITV while I was in high school, I fell in love immediately. I remember seeing an advert for it and knowing straight away that I would love it. After watching the pilot, it became the highlight of my week and - let's be honest - a complete obsession. I could talk about how much I still love the show for hours, but this post is about how much I love Charlotte Charles (a.k.a. Chuck)'s wardrobe. I don't think there is anything that Anna Friel wears in Pushing Daisies that I would not love to wear myself. She is all about big 50s-style swing skirts, bright colours and florals. I love how she dresses up whatever the occasion and always looks perfectly put-together. If I could live in her clothes (and have Ned as my boyfriend, please) I would be very happy indeed.

Retro Dresses & Surprise Presents #LittleLoves

I have felt stressed out and a little bit overwhelmed this week, because essay deadlines are looming and my Grandad is still struggling with his health. But there have been lots of happy moments too, like the evenings I spent with my friends, laughing and eating pizza and playing with Lynette's beautiful baby, Lucy. It is really difficult to be worried or sad when there's a happy little baby next to you, especially when she's doing a crazy little dance in her high-chair in Nando's. Here are the other things I loved this week...

Hello 2018! #LittleLoves

Well, I have started the new year with a really bad virus that has meant I've spent the majority of my time in bed. Not the most positive start to the year, but I've tried to stay happy and keep up my new year's resolution: to make the most of every day. For so long I've felt like I'm just getting through each day, waiting for a certain event or milestone that will make me 'happy'. I don't want to spend the rest of my life thinking 'I'll be happy when...' - I want to be happy now. Leaving school, leaving college, losing weight, buying a new camera, falling in love, having my own flat. These are all things I've thought would really change my life and make me truly happy. I have done all these things, and that magical golden ticket to happiness didn't come with any of them. Don't get me wrong, I am a lot happier at this point in my life than I have been for a long time. I am in a very good relationship, I have a wonderful family and friends, I don't want for much and I'm studying a Masters. I know that on paper, I should be the happiest girl in the world. There isn't a logical reason why I still battle with depression and have days where I don't want to get out of bed. But mental illness isn't logical. The best we can do is learn to cope with it, and in 2018 I want to tackle it every day. I want to look for the good in every day and be grateful for everything I've got. Life won't suddenly improve when I graduate and get a job, when I finally get a dog or when I'm another stone lighter. Life will improve when I make the decision to be happy in the here and now. So that's what I've decided to do. Here are my little loves for the first week of this year:

'Twas The Week Before Christmas #LittleLoves

My little loves post is a day late this week, but seeing as it's Christmas I think I have a decent excuse... Last week was also a busy, stressful one because my Grandad has been in and out of hospital and it's made the lead up to Christmas a bit different to usual. There were snippets of joy, though, like having a pizza and film night with some of my favourites, and visiting my friends' beautiful new house. We spent the night playing games and laughing and it was just what I needed. Christmas is always a strange time because I feel like there's even more pressure than usual to be happy and positive, which isn't always easy. I tried my best, but it'll just be a short little loves this week:

Sewing, Star Wars and She & Him #LittleLoves

I have been full of a cold for what feels like forever so last week, instead of writing my Little Loves post, I spent the day sleeping. Honestly, I think I slept for 17 hours straight last Sunday. So this post will be about my little loves from the past fortnight. In that time, I won a Joanie Christmas jumper (which was the most exciting thing ever), had a Secret Santa with the lovely people I work with and finally travelled home for the Christmas holidays.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

I am a very big fan of Animal Crossing. I used to play Wild World on my DS when I was younger and then I upgraded to New Leaf and Happy Home Designer on my 3DS. I even have the limited edition Happy Home Designer 3DS XL, and an Animal Crossing case that I had to get shipped over from Spain. I collect Amiibo cards of my favourite characters and when the Sanrio collaboration came out I was ready to spend all my money on a packet of cards that combined my obsession with Animal Crossing and my love of Hello Kitty. As I said, I am a very big fan. So can you imagine my excitement when I heard that an Animal Crossing app was being made? I checked updates regularly and my excitement grew as the release date got nearer. Until suddenly, they released the app a day early and I let out an audible squeal in the middle of the Waterstones cafe I was sitting in. I had my laptop out to do some university work, but that could wait. I had downloaded Animal Crossing Pocket Camp and nothing else mattered.