Colouring In For Calming Down

My struggle with low moods is something I have been dealing with for many years now and I am always trying to find new things to help me cope with the ups and downs. Beyond the essential medical and psychological support I receive, there are lots of other things I do on my own to make myself feel better. One of those things is colouring. A few years ago, I started to use colouring books as a way to focus all my attention on one thing and to stop thinking about the worries and sadness whirling around inside my head. I found it so calming to spend even ten minutes doing some colouring because, not only did it help me to feel less sad and stressed, it also gave me something to keep at the end of it. I could look at the picture I had created and feel proud of myself. 

Recently, though, I have not been doing much colouring at all. My books sit in a little pile with a lovely selection of coloured pencils waiting to be used, but for ages I didn't touch them. I didn't have the time, or the interest, and would spend my down days staring blankly at my computer screen watching YouTube videos instead. So on Tuesday, when my boyfriend suggested that I do some colouring (after he'd listened to my complaints about feeling rubbish) I decided to take his advice. I picked out my favourite colouring book with the most beautiful illustrations, which is actually filled with cards and envelopes so the creation at the end is even more special. This little fox had been partly coloured in, then given up on many months ago. But I finished it off and spent an hour alone with my pencils, focusing on staying within the lines and choosing the right colours. It was exactly what I needed. I remembered how much I need some time away from screens and other people, to just do nothing but colour in a picture and switch my mind off.

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