Getting Back Into Blogging #LittleLoves

I have decided that it is high time that I got back into my blog, because I've been blogging off and on for about five years and so far nothing has stuck. I love writing and have always enjoyed curating my own little space on the internet, whether that was MySpace, Tumblr, Twitter or Instagram (I'm still a big fan of the latter two), but always find that I lose my steam when it comes to blogging. I'm planning on changing that. Tulips in Teapots is where I want to share my love for all things retro, the trips I take, the books I read, the clothes I wear... Anything that brings me joy really. I read a lot of blogs and always regret not making more effort with my own, so to get me started with something concrete that I can stick to I want to take part in Coffee, Work, Sleep, Repeat's Little Loves series. One of my favourite bloggers, Donna from Polkadot Pink, has recently started to share her Little Loves and I love the idea. (I also love the fact that Morgana and Donna are both fellow Lancashire lasses!) So, without further ado, here are my Little Loves from this week...

Studying MA English Literature seems like the ideal opportunity to read books all day long and call it work... The only downside is that those books aren't always the ones I really want to be reading. I'm currently working on an essay about Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell's letters, so this week all my reading has been research for that. It's still interesting and I'm enjoying the assignment, but Sarah Waters's Fingersmith has been sitting on my bedside table crying out to be read for a few weeks now.

My friend came to stay with me in Sheffield last weekend and she introduced me to Channel 4's series Catastrophe. We watched about ten episodes while she was here and then I promptly binge watched the rest so that I'm up to date for when Series 4 starts (which can't come soon enough). I'd never even heard of the programme before but it is such a witty, absorbing and funny show - plus Sharon's dress sense is incredible. I can't recommend it enough.

I am having a really hard time getting into a proper sleeping pattern where I wake up and go to sleep at a reasonable time. I set my alarm and put my phone on the other side of the room, I have a Lumie alarm clock which shines bright sunlight into my eyes at 8am and I am filled with good intentions to wake up early each night. But, somehow, I get out of bed, snooze my alarm and continue to snooze it for an hour or so... which means I hear that alarm sound far more times than I ought to.

When I decided to really make more effort with my blog, I set to work creating a blog header and finding a theme that would make my blog look its best. I'm really happy with what I managed to make with a bit of time and patience (and some good software).

It's finally my favourite time of year... scarf season. I have four long, snuggly tartan scarves that I have been wearing on rotation. Knees a bit cold on the bus? You have a blanket around your neck. Ate a bit too much while wearing a fitted dress? No-one can see past your scarf.

and lastly...
It's not a little love, it's a big love, but my boyfriend came to visit this week and we spent a few days cosied up, watching films and going for walks in the lovely parks near my flat. It was so nice to have some quality time together because he's busy working a lot of the time and my university work is starting to pile up. It made me look forward to the Christmas holidays even more.

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat


  1. I'm so glad that you decided to take part in Morgana's #LittleLoves linky. After a blogging break, it was simply writing about the good stuff in life that kick-started my writing again. Thank you for your kind words - it's lovely to know someone reads my blog. And, yes you're right! Your MA does sound like the dream. The actual dream. Wish I'd studied English Literature instead of Journalism. Hope you link up next week! x

    1. It feels so good to be writing again! It's also surprisingly helpful to get into the swing of writing with a blog post before I start working on a uni essay haha x

  2. So lovely to have a new face join in with Little Loves, and what a perfect first post too.
    Catastrophe is the best, isn't it? My husband and I would watch it together howling with laughter. Can't wait for the next season.
    Have a lovely week! xx

    1. Little Loves was just what I needed to get back into the habit of writing - I think it's so important to remember the little moments that make me happy each week. And hooray for a fellow Catastrophe fan! x

  3. Welcome to #littleloves! It's a great one when you're trying to get back into blogging. Or even blogging - I've been doing it for years and weeks can go by without me writing a thing, except my little loves post. Plus it's always nice to remember the positives.

    You're making me jealous of your English degree, I'd love to go back in time and do one myself. Have a great week! x

    1. Thanks! I'm looking forward to keeping it up :) hope you have a lovely week too x