Style Inspiration: Jessica Day

1. Blouse: Joanie, Skirt: Joanie, Ballet Pumps: Clarks
2. Dress: Joanie, Belt: Collectif
3: Dress: Joanie, Cardigan: Warehouse, Belt: Collectif
4. Jumper: Oasis, Skirt: New Look
New Girl images from the wonderful

Anyone who knows me knows that I am probably Zooey Deschanel's biggest fan. I am also New Girl's biggest fan and have been described on more than one occasion as Jessica Day's double - possibly because I have brown hair, glasses and a penchant for wearing novelty dresses, possibly because I am super annoying. Either way, this may be the greatest compliment I'll ever receive. So I wanted to pay homage to Jessica Day's incredible style and start an ongoing series of Style Inspirations on my blog. I have a LOT more to come. 

Narrowing down the outfits I love from New Girl to just four was harder than getting out of bed when my alarm goes off in a morning. That is to say, it was very hard. I don't think Jess has ever worn anything on the show that I wouldn't love to wear myself. The key to her look is, of course, to 'rock a lot of polka-dots', embrace bright colours and finish everything off with a simple pair of ballet flats. Bows are also essential. I found so many perfect 'Jess' outfits on my favourite website, Joanie, which definitely explains why I love their clothes so much. They cater to all my polka-dotted, colourful, vintage-style needs. Unfortunately, money can't buy Zooey Deschanel's perfect hair and no matter how many times I get a fringe cut in, I will always eventually grow it out.

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