Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

I am a very big fan of Animal Crossing. I used to play Wild World on my DS when I was younger and then I upgraded to New Leaf and Happy Home Designer on my 3DS. I even have the limited edition Happy Home Designer 3DS XL, and an Animal Crossing case that I had to get shipped over from Spain. I collect Amiibo cards of my favourite characters and when the Sanrio collaboration came out I was ready to spend all my money on a packet of cards that combined my obsession with Animal Crossing and my love of Hello Kitty. As I said, I am a very big fan. So can you imagine my excitement when I heard that an Animal Crossing app was being made? I checked updates regularly and my excitement grew as the release date got nearer. Until suddenly, they released the app a day early and I let out an audible squeal in the middle of the Waterstones cafe I was sitting in. I had my laptop out to do some university work, but that could wait. I had downloaded Animal Crossing Pocket Camp and nothing else mattered. 

My first impressions of the game were: oh my God I love it, this is the best thing ever, I love Animal Crossing so much, everything is so cute, etc. My first impressions have endured. I go on the app every day and it is a totally different experience to playing the DS game. I love the immediacy of the app, compared with the slower pace of the original game, and there is nothing like the satisfaction that comes with levelling up and inviting new animals to my campsite. The premise of Pocket Camp is to complete simple tasks for the animals who are visiting, such as gathering them a certain fruit or catching a specific fish or bug. Completing these tasks increases your friendship level with the animals and they make you feel super special when you bring them what they wanted. The animals move around often so every few hours your visitors will change and you can carry out different tasks. You can also craft items of furniture, so when you've reached a certain friendship level and crafted all the furniture that a specific animal asks for, then you can invite them to your campsite. Instead of having a house and paying your mortgage off to our old friend Tom Nook, on Pocket Camp you have a camper van and a campsite. These can both be decorated and personalised with your favourite furniture and the goal is to invite all the animals to your campsite. It is easy to add your friends on Pocket Camp which allows you to visit each other's campsites, though this is not as interactive as visiting a friend's town in New Leaf. Your friend doesn't even have to be online at the same time as you for you to visit them. Overall, although I do prefer playing New Leaf, the app is a wonderful addition to the Animal Crossing collection and I highly recommend it. It can be a nice introduction for people who haven't played Animal Crossing before, or a fun add-on for Animal Crossing addicts like me.

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