Coffee, Catch Ups & Christmas Markets #LittleLoves

This week has been lovely. Saturday was particularly lovely. I hadn't seen my best friend for months so we spent the day drinking coffee and eating delicious food at Town House in Preston and catching up with all the things we'd missed. There is nothing that I love more than spending hours talking to Katy about anything and everything because no matter how much time passes without seeing her, it always feels like we've never been apart.  

Textile Candy on Etsy

When we were suitably fuelled with cappuccinos, green tea and avocado toast, we went to the Harris Museum to wander around the Etsy Lancashire Christmas market. There were so many stalls filled with artwork, jewellery, gifts and clothing - it was like being able to browse Etsy in real life. We also went to Tiger where I got over-excited about just about everything they had in the shop, and then we cosied up again with black forest hot chocolates in Costa. Look at the lovely face I got to look at all day...

Here are the other things I loved this week:

I am still reading Fingersmith by Sarah Waters and recommending it to everyone within earshot. It is already my favourite book and I haven't even finished it yet. I'm planning to read everything Sarah Waters has ever written - The Night Watch is already waiting on my bookshelf.

On Thursday night I finally gave in to the hype and started watching Stranger Things on Netflix, and I have to say I am a little bit hooked. I watched three episodes in one sitting and will no doubt be caught up with seasons one and two within a week or so (knowing my binge-watching tendencies). 

At long last, I got to listen to Taylor Swift's new album this week. I bought the CD when it was first released but the lack of disk drive on my laptop meant I had to wait until I was in my car to listen to it. So when I drove home from Sheffield for the weekend I got to listen to Reputation all the way through. Twice. And I absolutely love it. 

On Saturday night I reeeally wanted to order a pizza but I made a stir fry for my tea instead. It was a little victory after too many nights of eating chocolate in bed and ice cream in the bath (if you haven't tried this, you need to - you can thank me later). I'm sure my body will be grateful for the vegetables, even if my heart longed for Domino's.

My outfits have been pretty uninspired lately and I find myself throwing on leggings and jumpers most days, but comfort is my main priority when it comes to winter clothes so I'm not mad about it.

and lastly...
My boyfriend has given me his fancy camera to use for my blog photos, so this week I had a play around with it and (although I couldn't always get things in focus) I really enjoyed it. I love taking photos and I liked being able to get creative with something other than my iPhone.

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  1. Aw I love Townhouse! In fact I'm sat in there right now! I'm gutted I missed the Etsy market, I was so looking forward to it but with my youngest girl being ill we had to stay at home. It looks like you had a lovely time there.
    Have a great week xx

    1. Ha that's so weird! It's such a lovely cafe. Aww I hope your little girl is feeling better, I'm sure there'll be more Etsy events :) xxx