Cosy Nights In With Gin #LittleLoves

After spending Christmas at home with my family, I moved back to my little flat in Sheffield this week, which felt strange and a little bit lonely at first. I handed in my finished essay, started to work on the next one and spent a few nights catching up with Tanya. I love spending the evening sat on the sofa, drinking gin and talking about everything with her. When I went round to her flat, she asked me what gin I liked and - not being fussy when it comes to gin - I said any was fine. So she went to the shop and bought the fanciest bottle they had and we spent the night cosied up, sipping Opihr and putting the world to rights. 

Here are the other little things I loved this week...

I have been doing research for my next essay, which is about Sylvia Plath's letters and The Bell Jar, so I've read lots of articles and book chapters for that. I love the novel and am really looking forward to writing about it - it's so much easier to get into an essay when you actually enjoy what you're writing about. As well as research, I've been reading The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters, which Joanna kindly sent me.

I've watched quite a few things on All 4 and Netflix this week, on the dark nights when I just want to curl up with a blanket. I caught up with First Dates and watched the new episodes of First Dates Hotel, which are two of my absolute favourite things to watch. All I want in life is for Cici and Sam to finally get together... I also watched Blue Is The Warmest Color on Netflix, which was moving and beautiful. 

This week I have mostly been listening to my workout playlist because I finally got back into my routine of using my exercise bike every day. That means lots of Cyndi Lauper, Best Coast, Dusty Springfield, Blink-182, Bruce Springsteen and Taylor Swift. I suppose I have an eclectic taste in music. It feels so good to be exercising again, I forgot how much it lifts my mood and clears my head. 

There are a few meals that I can make really well. One of those is chilli con carne. I made a huge pot of it this week which kept me going for a few days and it was delicious. If you don't add baked beans to your chilli, try it. Trust me. 

I've been keeping up with my efforts to wear more of my 1950s style clothes again this week. My favourite outfit was a plain black top with this Lindy Bop skirt. I adore the lipstick print and red heart-shaped pockets - I even matched my lips to it with a generous layer of Ruby Woo. 

and lastly...
I treated myself to a trip to the hairdressers, because my hair had got to that stage where every strand was a slightly different length and it was just feeling a bit straggly. I found the wonderful Purdys Hair Salon online and booked in for a cut and finish. It was the most incredible experience - I'm going to do a full blog post all about it next week. 

I hope you had a lovely week!
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  1. Sounds like a lovely week! I read the Bell Jar at school and loved it too. And I also put baked beans in chilli!

    Amber |

    1. Yes! Baked beans in chilli are the best haha. Hope you had a lovely week too :) x

  2. What a lovely week!
    I don't think I've ever read The Bell Jar, no idea why, I think I even own it! So odd.
    You cannot beat a slick of Ruby Woo. I love MAC lipsticks and really need to add to my collection ;)

    1. I'd recommend it! I actually don't find that MAC lipsticks last as long as the Maybelline matte ink ones, but the colour of Ruby Woo is hard to beat x