Style Inspiration: Charlotte Charles

Yellow dress: Joanie
Pink cardigan: Tiger Milly, Pink top: Collectif, Cherry print skirt: Tiger Milly
Daisy earrings: Amazon, Cherry pie earrings: Amazon, Bee brooch: Amazon
Green dress: Lindy Bop

When Pushing Daisies first aired on ITV while I was in high school, I fell in love immediately. I remember seeing an advert for it and knowing straight away that I would love it. After watching the pilot, it became the highlight of my week and - let's be honest - a complete obsession. I could talk about how much I still love the show for hours, but this post is about how much I love Charlotte Charles (a.k.a. Chuck)'s wardrobe. I don't think there is anything that Anna Friel wears in Pushing Daisies that I would not love to wear myself. She is all about big 50s-style swing skirts, bright colours and florals. I love how she dresses up whatever the occasion and always looks perfectly put-together. If I could live in her clothes (and have Ned as my boyfriend, please) I would be very happy indeed.

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