Busy Days & Car Karaoke #LittleLoves

This week has been quite a busy one. I started back at university with my first lesson of the new semester on Monday morning after a lovely weekend with my mum, I was back at my part-time job in the Students' Union and I also had my first proper session at my new work placement, Grimm & Co.. Not to mention helping out at my Tuesday evening Rainbows group and going to my local church on Wednesday evening for the Alpha course. That was all before Thursday, when I drove home from Sheffield to spend the weekend with my family. It was good to be back at university and work, but the stress of it all did feel a little overwhelming as I realised how much I need to have done before the end of May. I am really enjoying my work placement at Grimm & Co. and I'll be doing 100 hours of voluntary work there as part of my Masters, so I'm going to do a full post all about it because there's so much to talk about. This Wednesday was my third week of the Alpha course which I am finding really interesting and helpful for my faith. Again, I think that deserves a blog post of its own. So here are my little loves from this week...

I don't think I have read anything at all this week, except for emails, tweets and Instagram captions.

When my mum came to stay with me last weekend, we watched Louise Pentland's weekly vlog together - I watch them every week religiously - and my mum loved it. So this morning, we both got into my mum's huge bed with a cup of coffee and watched the latest vlog together. It was bliss.

On the two hour drive home from Sheffield, I listened to Taylor Swift's Fearless and sang my heart out to all the songs I've loved since I was fourteen. I think karaoke car rides are the best therapy.

I didn't make anything particularly note-worthy this week, but my friend Altaira did. She is an incredible costume designer and she made the superhero costumes for this week's episode of The Secret Life Of Five Year Olds. I was so proud to see her work on one of my favourite programmes. She's set up her own website where you can have your child's hand-drawn designs made into a real costume: www.wildfireandthefox.com

It has been absolutely FREEZING this week so I have worn lots of cosy layers, including my  favourite pink wooly cardigan that my grandma lent to me and I never gave back...

and lastly...
I spent Thursday night with Geraint and his friends watching both Blade Runner films back-to-back, then going on a midnight trip to McDonald's and staying up late to talk and play video games. I can't wait for this coming week because Geraint is coming to visit me in Sheffield for pancake day and Valentine's day - my two favourite occasions. 

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat


  1. Yes! I love singing in my car too! Definitely a good form of therapy xx

  2. It's been sooo cold this week. I love can excuse to get the winter woollies out though. #littleloves