Bygone Times

For my 23rd birthday on Wednesday, my boyfriend took me to my favourite place - Bygone Times. I got dressed up in one of my favourite 50s-style skirts (so of course I had to have a cheeky photo shoot before we went inside) and we wandered around for hours finding vintage treasures. Bygone Times is absolutely huge and inside there are all sorts of different stalls selling antique, vintage and retro items. There's furniture, clothes, artwork, crockery, ornaments... you name it, they'll have it there. Me and Geraint both absolutely love rummaging around to see what we can find. He managed to get a gorgeous vintage leather jacket, in perfect condition, for £15!

We have membership cards which didn't cost much to buy the first time we went, so now entry is free whenever we go (which is as often as we can). There's a nice little cafe inside too, so we got some lunch there when we were halfway round the stalls. It takes a long time to see everything so we needed to refuel!

Geraint loves looking at the antique furniture and is drawn towards everything art deco and art nouveau. I love all the 50s and 60s kitchenware and anything kitsch. We are both kept very happy with the variety they have in there and there were so many times when one of us would disappear around a corner and then gasp, "Come and look at this!"

I adored this cabinet full of Babycham memorabilia and this cute little bookcase that merged classic and modern books - I love the new Ladybird Books for Grown-Ups.

One of my favourite stalls is Lace & Liquor [above], where they always have so much lovely retro stuff - I can never choose what I want to buy most. I highly recommend a trip to Bygone Times if you love vintage and antiques, or if you just want somewhere to go on a rainy day. It's one of my favourite places for a day out.

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