Turning 23 #LittleLoves

This week has been very lovely indeed. I came back home from Sheffield on Monday afternoon so that I could celebrate my birthday with my favourite people. I'm so much happier when I'm around my family and my boyfriend, they all made my birthday so special. If you've read my post about Bygone Times, you'll already know that I spent my birthday in vintage shopping heaven with Geraint. We also went out for delicious milkshakes on more than one occasion, at The Sinners Club and Infamous Diner - two of my favourite American-style diners. I got so many lovely presents from my friends and family (though my Fujifilm Instax is definitely my favourite because I've wanted one for years!) and my birthday cake came with a tiara. What more could a girl want? Here's what else I've loved this week...

I made an effort to get back into reading this week because it's been so long since I've managed to get into a book. Everything I pick up fails to reel me in and I've started and given up with so many books over the past few weeks. I'm currently reading Love In The Time Of Cholera because it's been on my reading list for a really long time and I have faith in Gabriel García Márquez to work his magic on me.

I re-watched Brooklyn this week because my mum had never seen it and I loved it just as much the second time round. Anything set in the 1950s is always a winner with me because I adore the clothes and the music, but the storyline of Brooklyn is wonderful too.

Driving with Geraint listening to David Bowie, Bat For Lashes and The Chromatics was a definite highlight of my birthday. Even though our music tastes are a little bit different, we always agree on those artists.

It was my mum's birthday on Saturday and after looking around the shops to find her a birthday card to no avail, I decided to make one instead. It was so easy to create something with some stickers and a sharpie but my mum appreciated it a lot more than a shop-bought card.

I've been sticking to my resolution to wear my 50s style skirts and dresses more often and this week was a big success in that department. If you can't dress up on your birthday, when can you? I've also been LOVING the fact that I've been able to wear my denim jacket now that the weather is slightly warmer. Spring is my favourite season and it's been a long time coming this year.

and lastly...
Me and my mum had a day out at the Trafford Centre for the first time in ages this week and it was lovely to go shopping and have lunch together. I don't think there's anyone whose company I enjoy as much as hers.

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  1. Oh it sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! Loving all your treats. Bat for Lashes is incredible and funnily enough I've been listening to them this week too x

    1. I really did! Great minds think alike haha xxx