Tabby Teas Cat Cafe

Last week me and Geraint went to Tabby Teas cat cafe for the very first time. I've wanted to go ever since I first heard that a cat cafe was opening in Sheffield, so it was a long time coming, and it was definitely a new experience. Having cats jumping up on to the table and trying to get a sip of our coffee was strange, but I'm glad we went because It's something I've always wanted to do. Me and Geraint are both very much 'dog people', but I don't discriminate when it comes to cuddly animals. I was a particular fan of this little tabby called Sausage. 

When we arrived at the cafe, we were given some house rules and had to pay a cover charge which depends on how long you plan on staying. We opted for an hour, which was £5 each, and I felt like that was enough time to spend there. You can also stay for 30 minutes for £2.50, or 90 minutes for £7.50. We didn't book in advance, although it's recommended if you're planning to visit at a weekend or with a large group of people. Seeing as it was a Thursday afternoon and there was just the two of us, we walked in hoping for the best and got a little table in the corner. 

It was a rare sunny day last Thursday, so a lot of the resident cats were sunbathing sleepily by the windows on the other side of the cafe (unfortunately, far away from the table we'd been given). However, when one of the members of staff gave us a handful of Dreamies each, we had plenty cats eager to come and say hello to us. There were also lots of cushions and cosy spots for the cats to curl up on, as well as cat toys for visitors to use all around the cafe.

The cafe itself serves hot and cold drinks and cakes, but eating a slice of sponge surrounded by cats somehow didn't feel right. We decided to stick to drinks and went for a coffee and a hot chocolate, which were both lovely (although Geraint's hot chocolate came with a side serving of cat hair after one of them jumped up and dipped its tail into his cup). 

It was exciting to be able to spend time playing with so many cats, especially as I don't have any pets of my own, but I think the cats are all so used to having people come in and out day after day that they weren't too interested in us. I know cats are generally quite independent animals, but it almost felt like we were intruding on them. Maybe this is something that I'd feel differently about on a second visit, or maybe they were all just a bit tired that day.

All in all, this place is definitely one to visit if you love cats, possibly one to visit if you like cats, and an absolute no-go if you're not a fan of felines. My mum, for example, reacted in total horror when I told her about Tabby Teas, because cats terrify her. Our next mission is to find a dog cafe, because THAT is something I would need more than an hour in.

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